A Tumbuka lad in exile (tiwonge) wrote,
A Tumbuka lad in exile

March birthdays are more fun than August birthdays

Last month, I wondered how much attention people paid to facebook birthdays. So, I proposed an experiment.

I'd let my birthday pass, change the day to a month later, and see if anybody remembered that they'd wished me a happy birthday the month before.

But, rather than waiting for August for this to happen (I figured I'd forget by then), I decided to do it sooner. So, I changed my birthday on facebook to the next 7th that happened--March 7, and then I'd change it to April 7 to see if anybody noticed.

I expected to get some birthday greetings today, since I usually do. But not nearly the number that I did. I don't know if it's because it's March instead of August and people are around and not gone for the summer, or if it's because I've added a lot of college students over the past year, but I got 40 in August (including late and early ones) and 56 so far today. (OK, after counting, I guess it's not that much more, but there's still time in the day.) But, more than that, I've had people wish me a happy birthday as I walk into St. Paul's, and even had somebody yell it out of a car on the street as she was driving by. This doesn't happen for summer birthdays.

I also had two siblings note that it's not my birthday, and 3 other people who realized something was amiss. I think the only people who noticed that my birthday was just 7 months ago were people who already knew I had an August birthday or a summer birthday. Or maybe Erin, whose birthday greeting carried a caveat.

It's the most memorable birthday I've had in years, and it's not even my birthday. I almost feel bad about changing it when people (maybe) learn that it wasn't my birthday today.
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