A Tumbuka lad in exile (tiwonge) wrote,
A Tumbuka lad in exile

A slow day at Corpus Christi

It's a slow day at the education center today. No teaching. (We had two people pass their last GED test on Tuesday!) So, instead, I'm just watching and chatting with people around here.

Right now, there's two people in here. One's drawing and coloring at the computers, and chatting with us. The other's taking a pretest so we can see where he's at, and muttering the whole time.

Earlier today, a guy came in wearing a foot-long crucifix. (He always wears it; it stretches from his navel to his collar bone. It's the size of something you'd hang on the wall, but he has it on a yarn cord and around his neck.) He's in the area a lot, so I've seen him before, but he hadn't come in here before. He was somewhat surprised this place existed, some sort of sudden appearance (maybe like 9 1/2 King's Cross?). His crucifix has a stack of holy cards wedged behind the figure of Jesus, and it is highlighted in red with magic marker or something. He wandered around for a but, talking mostly to himself, and then left again.

Tony's something of an artist. His medium is just stuff he finds around here--paper, pencil, pen, markers. People ask him to draw something, so he does. I suppose that's what passes for commissioned art around here. And it's usually pretty good. (It's usually somewhat religious, too, with angels, or Christ crucified, and other elements (dragons!) woven in.) I think that there's a framed piece of his hanging on the wall here--probably one of the first decorations that was put up. I was talking with another volunteer (Boise just got its first hostel, and at $21/night, which is not a whole lot more than my monthly rent.) When the subject of rent came up, Tony said that he sleeps on a porch at somebody's house. Where is home, he was asked? "It's where I am. It's under my hat and on top of my shoes." That was such a neat way of describing his situation.
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